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Fall Equip Class: Pursue


Through Oct 16


9:00 am - 10:15 am

*This class may be joined at any point during the semester

Do any of us spend too much time pursuing people? Can any of us claim to be overqualified when it comes to navigating gospel conversations? Are any of us feeling invincible when encountering a Christian skeptic?

The answer to all of these is...no way! But if you desire to "level up" this semester in pursuing people, in welcoming spiritual conversations, in learning tactics to navigate dialogue from small-talk to the transforming wonder of Jesus and the Christian faith, and much, much more, you're invited to our Fall '22 Equip class, Ponder!!

This is a 7-week class/conversation around, well, pursuing people. Something we ALL struggle with if we're honest. But those barriers between us and people, between us and sharing how awesome Jesus is, will be named, broken down, and replaced with an excitement to engage people and love them by pursuing them.

This is a highly interactive class, a relaxed, don't-have-everything-together culture. Would you commit to joining us?

For questions, email JustinT@C3LR.org


August 28: Internal Barriers to Evangelis

September 4: NO CLASS (Labor Day Weekend)

September 11: External Barriers to Evangelism

September 18: Knowing Your Audience

September 25: Your (Tiny!) Role in Evangelism

October 2: Navigating Conversations Towards “Gospel Waters"

October 9: Getting Excited About Sharing Jesus

October 16: Dealing with Skeptics and Opposition