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Parent Partnership Dinner


Mar 5


6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

*Register by Wednesday, February 27

As a parent, God has equipped you and called you to one of the most important, joy-filled tasks on earth, that of being the primary disciple-maker of your child. This call can be both filled with great joy and also great anxiety. The beauty in this though, is that God has not left you to accomplish this alone. He has first given you his Spirit to empower you, and secondly, he has given you the local church to partner with you. That is where we hope to come in and fulfill our part by helping you in a real and robust way.

What you can expect from this parent partnership dinner is the following: get to know who the new student pastor John is, what the long-term vision for student ministry is, and finally, most importantly, how he plans to partner with you as parents to accomplish the call to produce more fully matured apprentices of Christ.

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