We believe the Bible emphasizes the importance of women spending time with and teaching each other through the study and prayerful application of God’s Word. Being in community with other women is fun, too! These values are elevated as we grow together honoring Him in all our relationships and responsibilities.

Our goal is to be built on a strong foundation through studying Scripture, social connection, support of one another, and serving each other while keeping our eyes on Jesus.
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Our Foundation


We study God’s Word. It’s our highest authority and studying it together with other women is our passion and joy. It helps us grow closer to God and closer to one another.


We value fellowship and deep relationships between the women in our community, so that everyone is encouraged to grow together in the Word as friends.


Through prayer, gathering, and conversation we want to support those around us in whatever they may be going through. Bearing one another’s burdens is something we are called to in the Bible and strive to live out.


We serve each other, people in our community, and some even go around the globe with the Gospel and the story of hope it brings.